Legendary goods for stylish men. Offering men’s accessories, grooming products,  and leather goods. We are proudly New Zealand owned.

Welcome to GLADIUS

We are a small online store in Auckland, New Zealand that offers a wide variety of retro/gothic style accessories from jewellery, razors and grooming products to leather goods. We are exclusively an online retailer, this allows us to offer you great quality products, without adding any of the high traditional markups of a physical shop. We strive to provide high quality goods, made affordable for everyone.

Who we are

GLADIUS was born with the vision of making legendary products more accessible to the distinguished, the fearless, the true distinctive people of our time.

Founded in 2021, we took our inspiration from the wild ones, legends of the past, true heroes like Gladiators, Templars and Vikings. We are old souls by nature, and it is with this passion, effort and love that every piece represent something special lost in time.

Our goal is to carry products that stand out, that captivate and get noticed. Products that communicate your uniqueness and that are powerfully fascinating to people.

At GLADIUS, we make it our quest to support your creativity by offering distinctive pieces that tells your story about who you are. Whether you are into historical re-enactment, vintage, rock, goth, or totemic culture, you’ll will find something that represents your nature.

We guarantee that each and every item in our collection is special and one of a kind.